Prep For a Rebound: Credit Cards, Retail

Nearing the end of an eventful and exhausting week, Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso likes a retailer -- and a way to pay the bill.

"You shouldn't be jumping into this market until it shows some credible, real rallying," he told CNBC. "I don't think we've really seen that yet."


Rally or no, Grasso has a big favorite.

"I personally own Visa, and I think, with no subprime exposure, even though the economy is slowing down, once that bounces back, just like retailers, you're going to see Visa starting to be used a lot more," he said.

He also has a favorite store.

"Wal-Mart, still trading close to its annual high," he said. "How many companies in this market landscape can say that?"


Full disclosure information for Steve Grasso was not immediately available.

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