Stock Chatter Focuses on Financials, Pharma

Pharmaceutical stocks and financial shares are getting attention on Wall Steet following the recent Wednesday-Thursday rally.

Betting on Pharma

If you think about the aging community…med-tech is obviously a place that still is attracting both value and growth…so the Baxters , the JNJs , which are breaking out through 52-week highs here, continue to be in pretty good shape. They’ve got great balance sheets, and with reimbursement rates still where they are, these stocks are still going to work.

John O'Donoghue, Cowen & Co.

How to Play Merrill Lynch

“Even with all the problems, Merrill Lynch is earning about $4 a share. We think in a normal time they can earn up to $5 a share. At $28 or $30 stock price, you’re getting a very good company at a very reasonable price.”

David Katz, Matrix Asset Advisors Chief Investment Officer

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Tiptoeing in Financials

"For investors that would like to tiptoe into the financials, and want to do so conservatively, clearly, the report from JPMorgan Chase was very encouraging ... Also, a great bank in North Carolina, BB&T, very strong credit culture, very solid quarter under the circumstances."

Wendell Perkins, Optique Capital Management

Perkins also likes: Citigroup.