Readermail: Doubting Bernanke and Bush

We have some very cynical readers here at, at least when it comes to politically related items.

I commented the other day about the schedule collision between President Bush and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke earlier this week.

A sample of the reader response:

Bernanke and Bush? The GOP does nothing without a motive! A just-by-chance? I doubt it. If so by chance, hence the condition of the country, the United States. -- Bill

"...does that bode well for economic planning?" What economic planning do these two have? What foresight? It is not prevailing at the moment nor has it been seen in quite some time by anyone in power? -- KLaw

It was also pointed out to me, by a colleague, that Jon Stewart on the Daily Show really had the best take on the schedule conflict. It is a little left-leaning but, indeed, highly entertaining.

Have a great weekend!