Video Roundup: Mortgages, Marriage and More

Couples & Money
Before getting married, consider your finances. Who's bringing debt to the table? Is it better to get joint checking and savings accounts? Ask these questions early.

Going Green
When you're in the market for a new appliance, check its Energy Star rating. The higher the number, the easier it will be on your wallet over its lifetime - and the more you'll be reducing your carbon footprint.

Raising Your Child
It's never too early to start a college savings account for your kids. Start your research at to learn more about 529 plans and other options.

Buying a Car
After your home, a set of wheels is probably going to be your biggest expense. Make a substantial down payment so you don't get stuck owing more than your car is worth.

Mortgage Management
Lenders are always looking for the best credit scores. Spend time and effort raising your score, because when 100 points means the difference of $100 a month, you'll want to pay attention.

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