DNC Fundraising Surges Ahead

Throughout the spring, Republicans have comforted themselves with the knowledge that the Republican National Committee retained the fund-raising clout to counter Barack Obama's cash machine. There's nothing like the power of the White House -- even when a president is as unpopular as George W. Bush -- to raise money for a national party.

Is that changing now that Obama has emerged as the Democratic candidate? It might be. In June, the Democratic National Committee's fund raising haul shot up to $22-million, nearly matching the Republican National Committee's $26-million. Combined with Obama's $52-million, which more than doubled McCain's $22-million, that meant a big edge for Democrats.

Why did the DNC surge upwards? It may be because the actual head of the party is no longer Howard Dean, but Obama himself. We won't know for sure if that trend continues. But it's one more thing for Republicans to worry about in a very difficult year.

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