Picking China's Stock Winners

The words "overseas exposure" are not always spoken kindly. The truth of that statement has been growing, as the red-hot economies of China and India cool down. Jim Oberweis, editor of The Oberweis Report, has some recommendations for shrewd investors who want to keep their overseas exposure positive.

"We're still seeing growth rates in the 9 to 10 percentage range in China, and even given the recent decline, we're talking about a decline that comes on the heels of a nearly 300 percent gain just prior," Oberweis told CNBC.


So among Chinese stocks, what does he like?

"Vision China operates 45,000 displays on buses in 15 cities in China," he said. "They pay a fixed rate for programming, and they sell at a variable rate, so inflation actually helps Vision China, and so will increases in advertising rates over time."

He has a couple of education-related picks. One is ATA, China's leading computer-based testing company.

"Right now, there's about 123 million exams that are issued every year," he explained. "It's a key way of differentiating for professional certification and college-entrance exams...so as you see an increase in computer-based from paper-based, and an increase in overall exams, they're really the player that is most likely to benefit."

He also likes New Oriental Education.

"Well-educated families are earning much more than uneducated," he said. "New Oriental Education provides college test preparation as well as languages...their enrollments are running at about 30 to 40 percent right now."


Disclosure information for Jim Oberweis was not immediately available.