Best Trades Now: Banks, Jets, Real Estate & Tech

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the market experts for their best trades now.

Real Estate Plays

"What makes [Simon Property Group] different and better is, they are very opportunistic with respect to growing the company...It's a very patient company; Simon is all about understanding the business -- it was originally a family business -- and it's all about balance sheet."

Steve Burton, ING Global Real Estate Fund

Burton also likes: Boston Properties

Tech & the Market Charts

"Technology stocks really do have positive relative strength right now...Dell was breaking out in May, when most of the market was initiating a correction, and that pullback was very shallow and short-lived, and now, the uptrend appears to be resuming...Dell...really doesn't have any resistance on its chart until about 30."

Katie Townshend Stockton, MKM Partners Chief Market Technician

Stockton also likes: Royal Gold, Rylandand Kansas City Southern

Private Jet Plays Take Off

"Textron …that stock went down when they reported last week; that was a mistake…United Technologies and Honeywell have some exposure here. Those stocks are attractive. You could buy Esterline, a small-cap company that’s a lot like Rockwell Collins …They’ve got exposure in this area. You could go to BE Aerospace , which has a piece of the pie."

Rick Whittington, JSA Research Aerospace Analyst

Banking on Banks

“The banks, I think, are finally seasoned enough. They’ve been in a bear market for over a year and a half now. If you look at prior bank bottoms, their fundamental valuations have gotten to those levels or gotten lower than them, and last week’s market action on Tuesday we think was simply stock capitulation in the bank stocks.”

Art Nunes, IMS Capital Management

Nunes likes: Pacific Capital Bancorp

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