Desperate Sellers, Desperate Measures: House Party!!

I heard a blurb on the radio this morning about a new trend among desperate sellers, or more likely, desperate real estate agents: House parties.

That’s right, forget the open house and all the normal tricks, like baking cookies beforehand as a homey in-scent-ive. This is serious business.

DJs, drinks poolside, big screen TVs. I’m guessing this is more in new developments than in single-family homes, but apparently it’s all the rage. Just add it to everything else, I guess.

Early on, sellers were offering a flat screen with a sale, maybe even a one-year car lease. A month ago I started hearing about builders giving away gas cards if you come for a look. Now one developer is offering a smart-car with the sale, just to ease your fears of buying a home too far from public transportation.

But come on folks. A house party might get you in the door, but won’t it, in the end, detract from the act of actually looking at the property?? I remember years ago, freebees were all the rage at vacation ski condos. Go look at a new unit and you get a free day at the rental.

We all went for the free day, but I for one never had any interest in buying a condo. It’s not like someone’s going to get drunk at the house party and sign into the deal. There is, after all, no party going on over in the mortgage market. More like a funeral there.

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