Jim Cramer Cries Uncle (Frank)!

The Little Book That Saves Your Assets - by David Darst
The Little Book That Saves Your Assets - by David Darst

C’mon, what would you do if you opened up a book and the first thing you read is a foreword written by CNBC’s own Jim Cramerstating in classic Crameresque fashion, “I would tell you that David Darst is one of the best investors out there, but that doesn’t do him justice. The man is a financial visionary, an incredible teacher, and knowledgeable beyond belief.” WOW!

But wait, there’s more from the Mr. Mad Money. Jim goes on to say, “This book should be required reading for every nonprofessional investor, not to mention many of the pros who still don’t get it”.

The book Jim is raving about is“THE LITTLE BOOK THAT SAVES YOUR ASSETS: What The Rich Do to Stay Wealthy in Up and Down Markets”written by David M. Darst. Darst is a living legend on Wall Street and Cramer says Darst taught him everything he knows about smart asset allocation.

One of the lessons Darst shared with Cramer and is now sharing with his readers is you can’t do it alone – you need Uncle Frank. What? You don’t have an Uncle Frank – sure you do – you just don’t know it yet.

Your Uncle Frank may or may not be named Frank, heck – he may even be a she.

Darst writes, “Uncle Frank is the single most valuable resource you will have as you set up your asset allocation plan and begin the journey to make your dreams come true”.

Heck even the world’s greatest investor Warren Buffetthas an Uncle Frank – well, actually he’s had 2 but you know, he’s really really rich.

Warren Buffett’s Uncle Franks were Ben Graham and then Charlie Munger.

Your Uncle Frank is the person who helps guide you – the person who truly knows you and your goals, who wants only the best for you, who can look you in the eye and tell you what you need to be told – the person who’s got your back – and your trust.

In writing “The Little Book That Saves Your Assets”, Darst proves he’s uncle-worthy by reminding you of the basics and unveiling new secrets that can help set a course to achieve your financial dreams.

Read an excerpt here from “The Little Book That Saves Your Assets.”

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