5 Steps to Reinvent Yourself... aka Change Your “Label”

By Dr. Lisa Boesky, Clinical Psychologist, National Speaker & Author

1) Decide if You Need to Reinvent Yourself. WHO Gave You the Label?

Was it the “popular” kids who called you a nerd? The rich kids who called you a “loser?” A


doctor who diagnosed you with ADHD after a five minute interview? If they had no clue who you really were, why put so much stock in their opinion?

If your label has some validity and you WANT to re-invent yourself……

2) Write Down 4 Positive Aspects of Someone with Your Label

--If you have Dyslexia, reading and writing may be a struggle—but you are likely creative, think out of the box, and are great at oral presentations.

--If you have ADHD, you may be hyper and distractible—which means you have a lot of energy, can multi-task, and likely think much faster than most.

--If you were the “poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks”—you are probably resourceful, self-reliant, not paralyzed by setbacks, and confident in your ability to survive anything.

What better traits for CEOs, Inventors, and anyone who wants to succeed?

3) List How the Positive Aspects of Your Label Can Help You Reach Your Dream

If you were labeled a “nerd,” think about how your intelligence, ability to prioritize, good study skills, research abilities, and not wasting time/energy on partying can help you develop that product you’ve got in your head or take your business to the next level.

4) Take 3 Actions Putting Your Positive Traits In Motion

Make a prototype. Research similar products. Call some distributors. Get a patent.

Actions are critical to convince everyone you are MORE than your label. And to convince yourself!

5) Evaluate How Your “Re-Invention” is Working for You

You may have gotten a “real job”—but you are bored out of your mind.

You may have the money and success you wanted, but now there is no time for your family.

You may be seen as hip and cool, but your old friends no longer want to hang out with you.

The goal is to take your strengths and channel them into an area you are passionate about to increase your happiness, productivity and success. Not just get a new label.

Note: A study of CEOs found 30% had Dyslexia. Great leaders like Charles Schwab, Richard Branson, and Ted Turner were diagnosed with Dyslexia. The CEO of JetBlue, James Carville, Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps have ADHD. They did not let labels hold them back—and neither should you!

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