Steve Rizzo - Reinventing Your "Label"

By Steve Rizzo

Our labels, whether positive or negative, derive from the beliefs we have about ourselves and


our surrounding world. They start to formulate when we are children and for the most part they are bestowed upon us by our parents, teachers, religious groups, authority figures, peers, etc. All of the beliefs we have about our surrounding world as adults were formulated and programmed from what we learned from our past experiences.

Our success and happiness depends on the intensity of our thoughts. In time, our thoughts create beliefs and labels that reside in our unconscious mind. These labels mold our lives and govern how we react to life’s situations. They attract to us the exact results that they represent. We literally create our own reality based on our individual labels.

You might have a label that signifies you are talented, lucky, and good things will always come your way. Or you may have a negative label that signifies that dreams are for more fortunate people and your not one of them. Here is the hard core reality, either one of these labels will represent who you think you are. They are the determining factors for the choices you make and the actions you take.

The people who were on the show this evening all have something to be proud of. They proved that dreams can come true, even when the people in your life are trying to limit you. You see it really doesn’t matter what everyone else believes. The only thing that does matter is what you believe. If you have a dream, believe with all you heart and soul that it can be achieved and then GO FOR IT!

One night in 1980 I was sitting in the green room at a comedy club on Long Island with Eddie Murphy. Now mind you Eddie was barely 18 years old then. He looked me straight in the eyes and said. “Steve I’m going to be to comedy, to what the Beatles were to music.” He said it with such confidence and conviction that I totally believed him and so did everyone else in the room. I don’t know exactly what Eddie Murphy’s beliefs were, but his success and achievements prove that they were and still are very, very powerful. Eddie Murphy is proof that if you believe it hard enough and take action, it will become reality.

- Steve