Turning "Least Likely To Succeed" Into Millions

By John Shegerian

Once again it was an honor and a privilege to be on the show with so many great guests that had amazing stories and messages to tell.


A few thoughts that I want to share everyone.

1 . NO is only a pothole on the road to YES. Never let anyone stop your dreams.

2. Never let your circumstances be bigger than you. Tap into your inner voice and always repeat these three words to yourself... Yes I Can... Yes I Can... Yes I Can!!

3. If people label you the LEAST likely to succeed . . . Then you must become the person who is MOST LIKELY TO PROCEED. Remember, EVERY SECOND COUNTS when you are onto a dream and BIG IDEA. (These words are painted on our walls at Electronic Recyclers) You must work hard, but most importantly WORK SMART.

4. Learn from your past mistakes, but do not dwell on them. We all mistakes, that is part of the learning process of life and business. Just try not to make the same mistake twice.

5. You can learn something from everyone that you meet. Some people are role models for what not to do. Others are great examples of what you should be doing.

6. If I were to thank everyone that has helped make me become who I am today, I would never be able to stop typing for the next 30 days!

7. Well done is always better than well said. At Electronic Recyclers we talk the talk . . . but we also always walk the walk!!

8. Live your sermon. Don’t preach it! In other words, lead by example. If you want others to follow your vision with you . . . then be authentic and be who you say you are.

9. Go where tomorrow is. Everything I have done has always been first to market and best of breed. The same goes for Electronic Recyclers. We started out 5 years ago, and everybody laughed at our vision. Now we are the NUMBER ONE ELECTRONIC WASTE RECYCLING BRAND in the USA!!! For my doubting friends I can only say Told You.

Over the door of the entrance at Electronic Recyclers we have a saying painted on the wall by Martin Luther King. It says, “Everyone can great because everyone can serve.” We live that reality everyday at ERI. Because we have focused on being a VERY PROFITABLE company leading the industry in electronic waste recycling. Because we watch every penny of expenses at ERI (after four years I still DO NOT draw a salary) . . . and our focus is always on our BOTTOM LINE.

We recycle about 10mm pounds of electronic waste every month. And we should double our business over the next 24 months. We are now in the process of scaling our brand nationally. And just like we have at ERI, you can take your idea and grow it into a PROFITABLE and LEADING brand also.

I wish you luck in all your dreams and endeavors.

- John