Dave Anderson - Entrepreneurial Success Favors Courageous Action

By Famous Dave Anderson

The greatest deterrent to those with dreams, ideas, and aspirations for starting their own business is the fear of the unknown. If you are successfully working for someone else, and you


are dying inside wanting to start your own business, yet you are afraid of losing the security of your job—think of General Douglas MacArthur, who said, “There is no security in life, only opportunity.”

The key to all success begins with unwavering faith in yourself and the courage to take the first step. You must not focus on what you can’t see down the road, you must focus on what you do know right in front of you and act on that one thing. All successful entrepreneurs will tell you they had no clue how everything was going to come together but it was important for them to take the first step. A wise businessman once shared this wisdom to his apprentice, “Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.”

You need a positive cheerful attitude, fueled by a crystal clear vision of your goals in life. This vision must be anchored by the strongest unwavering resolve to never… never… ever quit… until you have manifested your dreams into reality. How you program your mind moment by moment on a daily basis is the secret to creating that deep foundation to your positive attitude and this is what gives substance to your dreams.

You can never experience the unbelievable rewards of being enormously successful unless you have experienced the sheer terror of facing the most challenging adversity caused by going where you have never gone before… to do the things you have never done before... to experience the success that you have never experienced before!

There will be days that you will wish you never started out on this journey into the unknown. There will be days that it seems that everything around you is crashing in on you… and there is no way out. There will be days when you feel all alone and that all your friends have abandoned you. There will be days that you want to scream to the universe to give you a break because you can’t take it anymore. It is then that you must dig deep and tell yourself that you are not going to give up on yourself.

The greater your success… the greater your effort to give up your self-righteous pride to do the things you said you would never do! The greater your success… the greater your effort will be to get yourself out of the way and place greater attention to being a servant to other people.

The greater your success… the greater your risk of failure. The greater your success… the more determined you will have to be to jerk yourself out of your comfort zone. The greater your success… the greater your self discipline will have to be… in order for you to change who you are right now. You cannot be enormously successful being the person you are right now. You need to develop a constant awareness for learning, seeking challenge, and developing new disciplines of growth. The thinking and behavior that got you to where you are today… is not the thinking and behavior that will need to stretch to where you want to grow… tomorrow—

- Famous Dave

Famous Dave’s Golden Rules for Successful Entrepreneurship


Everything starts with Vision. All entrepreneurs possess an extraordinary awareness to opportunities in the marketplace. They can sense intuitively what others cannot see. This awareness becomes the seed of a great idea. This idea turns into an unstoppable vision fueled by the entrepreneur’s enthusiasm to create a product or service that will serve the world. This enthusiasm attracts other like-minded passionate people whose combined energy creates a dynamic environment for the purposes of creating and marketing their product or services. Entrepreneurs have the ability to cast their vision to everyone around them. Entrepreneurs truly believe their vision for creating business, the jobs that they create, and their products or services— makes the world a better place. The Entrepreneur’s Vision keeps them focused with a clear sense of purpose. They are determined to be Number One in their industry. Not necessarily the biggest but always the best… Best Concept, Best Service, Best Product, Best Training, Best Attitude, etc., etc. This vision is burned into every cell of their bodies.


Find the one thing you love to do and can get really passionate about it without ever feeling that you are working at it. Don’t work for a paycheck, always work for the opportunity. When you really love something, the money will come. Passion allows you to endure the tough times at first when there is nothing coming in. True success takes time and very rarely happens overnight. There are no get rich schemes. It all takes hard work. Once you find the one thing you absolutely love…Give it everything you got …don’t hold back. All entrepreneurs start out scared and ignorant...that’s OK… its normal. Just hang in there and let your passion guide you. Passion keeps you from living in comfort zones. The masses live in comfort zones…n ot entrepreneurs! Your long-term success will always be determined by your ability to continually force yourself out of your comfort zones. Enthusiasm, Energy, Passion, a Zest for Life, is what gives entrepreneurs charisma. Charisma is catchy. Everyone wants to associate with a “turned on, motivated, inspiring person” who believes in something especially if their vision will help make their lives and the world a better place. Entrepreneurs have an unquenchable fire in their gut that keeps them going even when adversities have caused others to give up and quit.

Lifelong Learning to Excel

Live you r life in curiosity. Become a voracious reader. Entrepreneurs see things that others do not see. Awareness and knowledge allows you to find the one thing that you love. Become the best you can be at what you love. Don’t ever let someone say that somebody down the block does it better then you! Keep learning everyday how to become better at your craft. You have to be the one to set the higher standard. This won’t be a problem if you love what you do. Excellence only comes by paying attention to the details.

Your Product or Service Should Make the World a Better Place

Understand how your business will make the world a better place and that your customers lives will be better because of your good service or your excellent products. Never b e a taker...always be a giver. Takers lose and Givers win. Produce more than you consume - this is how the world becomes a better place & this is called profit. Profit is good! I see myself as nothing more then “A servant to the masses!” My motto20is … “My whole purpose in life is just t o make you happy!”

Expect Nothing But the Best From Your Associates

Deliver everything promised and then some… it’s the “then some” where your fortune is made. In order to deliver beyond what is expected, you need employees that also give more of themselves. Surround yourself with the best people you can, both in your advisors and your employees. Praise them often. Reward your people accordingly. Also, be prepared to hold them accountable when necessary. You must love people to hire the best people. The best employees available can go anywhere, they will only come for you if they know that you love them. Loving them means that you will challenge them to become better. The great ones are always thriving to learn more so they can grow. Motivating, Inspiring, Encouraging, and Challenging your advisors, your vendors, your employees, and your customers is not a one time thing… it is something you have to work on every day. Expecting nothing but the best requires everyone to be responsible and willing to be held accountable. Accountability requires complete communication without assumptions. There can be “No Surprises!”

Duplicate Your Success By Becoming a Teacher

As an entrepreneur your main job will always be the “vision caster.” Your advisors, your employees, your customers will all be buying your dream, your vision, your service, your product. Teach others freely everything you know about your business and let them excel in the opportunity that you have created. Invest in your associates' education and training. Expect your associates to invest in their own education. Be the role model. Your long term success will be determined by your ability to engage, teach, and duplicate your passion and expertise in others who believe in your0Avision.

Mastermind Alliance

“May The Force Be With You”—Yoda, Star Wars.

No man is an island. We all stand on the shoulders of other people. Surround yourself with the best advisors possible who will support you and who will believe in you. These many include : Mentors—other successful entrepreneurs,20Trusted Close Friends, A Good Lawyer, Financial Advisors with proven track records, Certified Public Accountants, Investment Bankers to help you raise money, Public Relations person who can help get free press to create the right public impression of your company, A Great Banker who can help you with your financing needs, A Great Insurance Agent who can help you through the complex world of insurance, and finally—A Friendly Clergyman, every entrepreneur will be face with tough times where it seems everything is caving in and you definitely need help from a higher power. Never be embarrassed to ask for prayer during these tough times and always thank God for your blessings and abundance as well!

Be a Positive Influence

Help all your associates learn how to have a richer more rewording life outside of business. Be healthy. Be Sober. Have Fun. Become a Positive Influence to everything around you.

Be Generous Without Expectation

Be generous in giving back to your community. Get involved with developing the youth in your community. Don’t give for the purpose of calling attention to yourself. If you are given recognition…use it to make the world a better place, not for personal attention. The health of your community will allow you to thrive in your business.

Financial Stewardship

Learn how to manage your financial resources. Create a long-term investment strategy for yourself as well as your business. Wealth does not come from what you earn but only from the success of your personal investment portfolio. Fina ncial success starts with your integrity , honesty, and truthfulness. Money is attracted to truthfulness. Throughout your business career you will be trading money and constantly raising money. Never compromise your name or your reputation. There will be times when things are tough...be very open and honest about your situation with your bankers, investors, vendors, advisors, and employees… they will help you get through the tough times and they will appreciate your openness and honesty. Remember they have all been there themselves!

Don’t Let Failure or Success Define Your Character

This is probably the one thing that makes or breaks most entrepreneurs. Understand that your success will be determined by your ability to handle problems, challenges, and adversities that will seem to crush you… but in reality they only make you wiser and stronger. Failure is inevitable…don’t let it beat you up. Understand what went wrong. Don' t ever be blameful and try to pass your failure off to others or circumstances. Fess’ up immediately, take responsibility, ask for forgiveness, make right what you can …then move on immediately. Don’t dwell in the past. If you have to …be the one that forgives! Appreciate your Success but don’t flaunt it. Live your life in gratefulness. Above all… don’t ever give up on yourself!

Embrace Change

The world is changing faster then ever before, don’t be arrogant that you can’t be teachable. Don’t become a victim of change but be the architect of your destiny by embracing change. Be brutally honest when it comes to facing reality with the things you need to change in your own life! Flexibility is important to long-term business success. Being Awake, Alert, Observant, Curious, and Understanding will help you envision your business future in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Communication Skills

The following is non-negotiable…You must be able to speak in public and you must learn how to become the best salesperson possible. You must be able to sell what you’ve got! Being in business is all about sales!!! Join Toastmaster’s to hone your speaking skills. Relationship Skills are next. You must feel comfortable building relationships with your customers, your employees, your vendors, your bankers, etc. Writing Skills are important. Keeping track of what needs to be done, being able to send communications to employees and vendors are critical skills. Negotiation Skills. You must be able to negotiate the best deal and understand how to make your customer feel that the benefit they receive is their best deal. Go to seminars, lectu res, or private coac hing to sharpen your skills.

God and Family, Ethics and Values

Conduct all your personal and business affairs with integrity, honesty, and truth. Set a high standard for yourself and your business. All families are dysfunctional, whether it is your personal family or your business family… be there for them! And it really is God, Family, and Career… in that order. Be grounded in a spiritual relationship with your creator. Don’t be embarrassed about it, be open about your faith. I don’t think there is a higher reward then when my time has come and gone… that people will say… “There went a God fearing husband to his wife, there went a God fearing father to his children, there went a God fearing leader in his community. What kind of legacy will you leave?

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