From the Kid from Martin Van Buren High School...

Our entire social system is based upon putting people in boxes, in grade school and high school it’s no different, just different boxes. You’re a nerd, a cool kid, a hippie, or a jock. Throughout


my childhood, I was always the class clown in school. I was born in late November so was at least half a year younger than the rest of the kids in my class. Now half a year may not seem like much but when you’re eight years old, that's a big gap between you and the other kids. I bridged that big gap with big talk and a sense of humor. Boy, I had a mouth on me. I was constantly getting in trouble for talking and acting up in class. I was the guy who was always cracking jokes, the one the teacher would call upon because she knew I wasn’t paying attention.

Throughout grade and high school, my behavior was called “unsatisfactory”. I had a creative mind and it wandered. I would daydream all day. I think if I were a school kid today I would easily be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. My particular strengths were street smarts, intuition, people skills and salesmanship. My parents knew I was bright and had leadership qualities. They saw my potential. The worlds is full of people who have been characterized and placed into boxes. Many people don’t have the will power to break free from those boxes. When asked, I tell people to find their own place.

I am not going to tell my kids “You can be president of the United States.” I will, however, tell them, “Follow your dream. Youre entitled to your dream. If you dream is to be president of the United Stated, then why not you?”. Follow your dreams folks. There is a dream inside each of us but no one is going to hand it to you. Do you wan to be a chef? An musician? An investment banker? What do you have to do to get there? What’s the first step? TAKE IT! The happiest people are the ones who follow their dreams most closely.

Are you following your dream? I want to hear what steps you took to get there. Write me at