Paul Stanley - Reinventing Myself Through Art

I define myself by the challenges I take on and the mountains I choose to climb. How I approach them and succeed or fail, helps me to know myself better. Defeat and failure offer


as many, if not more, valuable tools for winning next time. Although for some, my reaching the $2 million mark gives credibility and validation to my painting. For me, it is only a way of measuring my success at connecting with people by reflecting myself. In that way I allow others to see themselves also.

As with music, I used my love and passion for art as a means of self expression. I painted purely for myself with no initial thought of showing my work. Once again, as with music, I soon found that if my goal is to please myself, invariably I find others that share my perspective and connect with my work. At least you start with one key person who loves the result. I'm a big believer that you can never go wrong if you start by loving what you do. If it succeeds, that's the bonus. If you second guess the public and fail, you kick yourself for not going with your gut instincts. If I fail on my own terms, I'm still a winner.

First know you own limitations and then work relentlessly to reach without compromise, all you believe you are capable of.

Also...Spend less time talking and more time doing. Excuse me now, but I've got some painting to do.

- Paul Stanley