Essential Oils For Your Portfolio

Recent retreats in oil prices have had no impact on Eitan Bernstein's strategy of investing in oil company stocks.

"Our investment strategy is focused on selectivity, basically, understanding the volatility in commodity prices," he told CNBC. "We try to focus on the best names in the group."


And they would be Hess and Occidental Petroleum.

"The stocks are...pretty much flat year-to-date, down a little bit the past couple of weeks, despite the 33 percent increase in crude oil prices, year-to-date," he said.


"For the bigger, integrated oils, it's a question of growth," he explained. "One of the reasons we like Hess is (that) they have substantial production growth slated, and a really good inventory of exploration and production projects."

Bernstein also likes the smaller refiner Holly.


Neither Bernstein, his family, nor his firm owns shares in, or has any business relationship with, Hess, Occidental Petroleum, or Holly.