Best Trades Now: Coal, Packaging, Retail & China

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the experts for their best trades now.

Investing in Biotech

“We’ve had a nice move in the biotech area and for investors that really are looking to help enhance their portfolio in an area that’s really been unloved for the last year or so, it’s really showing some strong."

- Tom Lydon,

Lydon likes Powershares Dynamic Biotech & Genome Portfolio and iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund

Trade-Down Retail Plays

“Even though the consumer is being pinched by higher oil prices, higher gas prices, retail sales are still a big part of the economy, and what we’ve seen is that retail sales have shifted down now toward the lower-end retailers, and one area that we like very much is the big-box retailers such as the Wal-Marts of the world…Costco .

- Richard Sparks, Schaeffer's Investment Research

China's Stock Winners

"Vision China operates 45,000 displays on buses in 15 cities in China. They pay a fixed rate for programming, and they sell at a variable rate, so inflation actually helps Vision China, and so will increases in advertising rates over time."

- Jim Oberweis, The Oberweis Report Editor

Oberweis also likes: ATA and New Oriental Education.

Opportunities in Coal & Packaging

His first pick is Arch Coal .

"[Arch Coal] pulled back nicely, giving people an opportunity to get in...They're going to re-price their legacy contracts at much higher coal prices, driving their earnings and cash flow over time."

- Michael Santelli, Allegiant Funds Senior Director

Santelli also likes: Pactiv.

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