Bill Mitchell - What It Takes To Be a Great Boss

By Bill Mitchell

Have Fun – love what you do and it is easy to motivate and encourage others.



– Have as much passion for the people who work WITH as you do for your own family…get to know them, their kids, spouses, friends, hobbies, interests, upcoming vacations etc…remember that everyone loves it when others are interested in them – especially the boss! Your internal relationships are as equally important as the ones you have with your customers. A lot of people forget this too often.

Walk the walk – people respect hard work from their boss. Do everything you can to show your direct reports that you are super qualified and willing to work hard.

PRAISE – Probably the most important thing to remember– thank you’s, congratulation’s, great job’s…. are all well received. AND, if you can do it in front of others, even better. Ask the person to share HOW they achieved their success. Sharing is allowed

Be Nice – I tell my 8 year old son this every day as I drop him off at school. It’s pretty simple…

Listen – Although everyone else’s opinion cannot be implemented, if they feel heard, it makes a big difference.

Learn – constantly be open for feedback from all directions. Everyone likes the boss who is open to change and personal growth