10 Things You Can Do To Be a Great Boss

By Ellen Hollander

1 - Contrary to popular belief, you CAN learn to be a great boss--even if it doesn't come


naturally to you. If you hone the following 10 tips, you'll be well on your way.

2 - Build trust. Be authentic, open, value input (positive and negative), treat your staff with respect....and whatever you do, practice what you preach.

3 - Be accessible. Have an open door policy and check in with your staff regularly.

4 - Communicate. Share information in a timely manner, including decisions that have been made, and provide the context--the "why."

5 - Empower. Make sure your staff is clear about the "what" (the ultimate goal/destination), and let them figure out the "how" to get there.

6 - Delegate. Push decision-making to the lowest possible level and don't second-guess.

7 -Remove obstacles. Eliminate internal barriers that make it difficult for your staff to get the work done.

8 - Coach. Be vested in their success by providing ongoing and unfettered performance feedback...give them stretch assignments, opportunities to grow and push them out of their comfort zone.

9 - Catch them when they fall. Provide a safety net for failures/set backs and turn them into learning opportunities.

10 - Recognize. Show appreciation often...in small and in big ways.

Build employee engagement...energize them, get them excited about the vision and how their work is invaluable to achieving it!

- Ellie