Will Favre Have To Pay Up For No. 4?

Brett Favre's #4 jersey.
Brett Favre's #4 jersey.

As the Brett Favre trade talks heat up, the teams being mentioned most are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers.

If he goes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it won’t be a problem for Favre to take the No. 4, which he has worn all 17 NFL seasons and previously at the University of Southern Miss. That’s because the guy who was assigned it Mack Elbert, is a free agent rookie from Troy, who really wouldn’t have much bargaining power.

But if Favre is traded to the Carolina Panthers, there could be some money involved with getting the No. 4. That’s because the man who wears No. 4 is their kicker John Kasay, who was drafted in the same draft as Favre (1991) and is the last standing original Panther.

For what it’s worth, Favre, Kasay, Adam Vinatieri and Jason Hanson are the only active players in the league who have worn No. 4 consecutively for more than 10 seasons.

What does that mean to me? Potential moolah will be involved.

Favre, who has sold more jerseys in the history of the NFL than any other player, would likely want to stick to No. 4. But so might Kasay, who has become a fan favorite by virtue of his accurate field goal kicking and his tenure with the team.

When asked how much Kasay might ask, Kasay’s agent Jack Reale said the two hadn’t talked about the possibility, but did say that “most players are attached to the number they wear in some way.”

It’s hard to say exactly how much that No. 4 is worth, but I’d say it’s definitely worth more than the record paid for a number. In 2005, Clinton Portis paid Ifeanyi Ohalete $38,000 for the No. 20. Other significant NFL jersey number transactions have basically involved Jeff Feagles. Feagles sold No. 10 to Eli Manning for a week-long family vacation. He then sold No. 17 to Plaxico Burress in exchange for the remodeling of his kitchen.

Last year, Ahman Green paid $20,000 for the No. 30 jersey, but Jason Simmons – who had that number suggested the money be donated to charity. With a contribution from Green, Simmons and Texans owner Bob McNair, the made the down payment on a house for a single mom in the area.

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