Lightning Round: FuelCell, Microsoft, eBay and More

TiVo : TiVo is “an OK situation,” Cramer said without much enthusiasm. Don’t buy until the stock hits $5.

eBay : Cramer can’t get behind this stock. “Someone should buy them,” he said, “and put them out of their misery.”

Cardiome Pharma : Cardiome’s too small for Cramer, he said, and it’s had a big run already. Don’t buy.

FuelCell : “Too speculative.” Don’t buy.

SIMS Group : SIMS is a buy, Cramer said, for the longer term.

Ford : The balance sheet at Ford is bad, Cramer said, and the company needs to refinance. Beyond a speculation play, he won’t get behind this stock. The preferred shares are worth a look, though.

Microsoft : “I have a hard time getting behind Microsoft here.” Google, Amazon and Research in Motion are better picks, Cramer said.

EnerSys : Cramer’s bullish on EnerSys.

Cigna : Buy Cigna, Cramer said.

SBA Communications : “You know I’ve been behind that group the whole way,” Cramer said. “I think there’s still plenty of room for wireless towers.”

NightHawk : Don’t buy, Cramer said.

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