Winning Micro Cap Energy Stocks

Michael Corbett, portfolio manager at Perritt Micro Cap Opportunities Fund, said investors can seize opportunity in high oil prices -- with micro cap energy companies.

Corbett explained that micro-cap companies are companies that "separate the top 80 percent from the bottom 20 percent, in terms of market capital."


Mitcham Industries – "They’re getting a big benefit from the high energy prices; another part of the benefit is that the weaker dollar is helping them. Over 70 percent of their business is coming from overseas. This company is growing."

AM Castle – "This company is helping out big companies like Boeing. They’re also benefiting from the weaker dollar."

Middleby – “They use products that help [food service companies] save money. So when all the food companies are interested in finding ways to save money, this company helps them a great deal.”


Disclosure information for Michael Corbett was not immediately available.