Stock Picker Bullish On Infrastructure

"The whole world is negative, and scared to death, and, I tell you, right now I'm getting very optimistic." Contradictory thoughts from Bill Spiropoulos of CoreStates Capital Advisors? Not at all, he insists. "I think there's great numbers ahead," he told CNBC.

He finds opportunities all over the place, from global infrastructure build-out to consumer stocks.


"[Governments are] going to spend a trillion dollars in the next several years, all over the world, in infrastructure, and that's not going away," he said.

His infrastructure plays are heavy-equipment manufacturers Caterpillar and Deere.

And Spiropoulos doesn't stop there.

"On the other extreme, buy Procter & Gamble," he added. "Toilet paper and soap...they export to 180 countries."


Disclosure information for Bill Spiropoulos was not immediately available.