Mad Mail: Is Qualcomm a Buy?

Cramer: In light of Qualcomm's "legal truce" with Nokia, do you think this rally has the legs to take QCOM to $55 or $60 a share, or should I sell now and get out of the tech market? --Jason

Cramer says: “I think this has much further to go.” 3G and 4G should be a boon to Qualcomm’s business. “I think it goes much higher. Any weakness, I know I’m going to buy it for my [charitable] trust.”


Jim: I am considering buying either Boeing or Northrop Grumman because it appears one of them will win a $40 billion contract to build a new Tanker for the USAF. The odds are in favor for NOC...they are partnering with Airbus of Europe, who initially won the contract. Do you think winning that contract will drive up the stock for whichever company that wins? --Patti in Ohio

Cramer says: “Boeing is being hurt by a perception that airlines won’t buy any planes anymore. Northrop Grumman is being hurt by a belief that Obama wins and he dismantles the military industrial complex. I say put your money on Northrop. It’s got steadier cash flow. And Boeing is just so hated that every time oil ticks up, the stock seems to go down $2 or $3. That one’s too hard to own.”


Jim: I have been watching your show every night religiously and learned a great deal from you, but I definitely disagree with you on this one - why on earth would you say to sell Peabody Energy because of Boone Pickens and his clean-energy plan? Pickens' plan isn't going into effect tomorrow! And last I knew, China was opening a new coal burning power plant every day. Still a big fan, I love ya' man. --Jeff

Cramer says: “What I was trying to do is cut back on some of the exposure that I’ve been recommending in energy. I feel like that the biofuels, I feel like that the coal stocks – I can’t be recommending all this energy because I believe that oil is going to $110, $120. If that’s the case, I can’t be in coal. I had to take something off the table. I wish I had taken it all off the table, but I still believe in natural gas. And in oil service.”

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