Reader Mail: Bikinis and Business Don't Mix?

Bikinis with the business coverage? A good portion of viewers say, "no, thank you."

Not everyone, mind you. But when I opined that a little spice in business coverage, like our recent fashion slideshow, wasn't altogether a bad thing if kept in check ... well, there was some vehement disagreement.

If you want your readers to continue to view your publication as a SERIOUS business site, then leave the titillation to those other guys who have little of value to offer. -- Phil

As bad as the market has been, we could use a distraction, but no, lets not go down that path. How about an expose' on some less-reported-on energy alternatives. -- thku4grace

If your "male-skewed" viewers need bikinis to hold their attention, perhaps the Playboy channel could start giving market reports along with their skin shows and leave CNBC for the serious viewers (male and female). -- Karen

And many took the opportunity to carry the argument to the TV side of things.

As a female investor who regularly keeps her on eye on the market channels, I am find it absolutely unnecessary for the female commentators to display their cleavage. Keep your bosom covered up, will you? -- DK

Strikes me as a bit Puritanical, but everyone is entitled to an opinion. Not sure I'd watch Playboy market news or Pilgrim TV, though.

Still, some readers reluctantly agree that there is a purpose and a place.

If it were a wool coat fashion show we wouldn't be having this discussion ... You're using this particular type of "fashion" as eye candy to lure readers. Good for you for not overdoing it. -- Anne

I have no problem with showing sexy pictures when warranted, however, this is all part of the DUMBING OF AMERICA and unfortunately it seems there's no escaping it. -- Gail

The frat house also weighed in ...

Now that is a real stimulus package ! -- Steve

Oh heck yah! Those bikinis were fun. How much GDP estimates, housing declines and earnings estimate disappointments can a red blooded American male take without a distraction? Keep it coming. -- Paul

Tell you what- you guys keep showing more and more hotties in less and less clothing, and we'll let you know when you've gone too far. -- Thad

And, of course, some ladies demanded equal time.

I know its skewed toward male however a little eye candy for the girls would be great every now and then! -- KM

How 'bout some equal time for the female audience? Although you seem to think this is still the "good ol' boys club"; the simple fact is you have a large female viewership. Don't alienate us even more. We do have other choices. Stick to business - leave bikinis to the entertainment networks. -- Sue

Of course we try to serve ALL our readers. Here you go ...