Mel Robbins' Secret Code To Success

By Mel Robbins
There is a secret code in business allowing just a handful of Alpha Males to have it all while


dooming everyone else to fight for the scraps.

And it is simply the outdated 1980s notion that Alpha Males do in fact run the show.

Welcome to 2008.

Your gender doesn't determine your potential for success.

Your ideas, your work ethic and how you position yourself determine your potential for success. And if you are having trouble, I will help - all have to do is ask:

Donny asked me, "Mel, if the alpha male code doesn't apply - why aren't more women in leadership roles in large public companies.'


The old code. The old work model. An old way of thinking. Your choices are no longer limited by how old men think.

More than half the work force is now made up of Gen Ys and husbands and wives who both work.

Gen Ys think this alpha code is a bunch of crap. And husbands and wives who both work know that something's gotta give either at home or a work to move your career forward on your terms.

More women graduate from college and graduate school than guys. With better grades and more honors degrees. You do the Alpha Male Math.

The New York Times recently reported that young women are climbing the ranks faster and earning more money in major cities than their 20-something male peers. There is more evidence than ever that women can succeed in business without turning into a guy.

As far as I'm concerned, the only thing standing in your way to get the things you want in life - is you. Not some silly alpha code.

And, I'm here to help you. Feel stuck? Not getting what you want out of life?

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