Susie Castillo - After The Show Blog

First of all, I want to thank everyone at the Donny Deutsch Show for having me on. It was brief, but fun, and I look forward to being back on again very soon! I must admit that I’m a big


fan of the show and an avid viewer, so I was nervous beforehand, which is not normal for me. I don’t usually get nervous prior to an appearance…I guess hosting MTV’s “TRL” live from Times Square may have jaded me.

Being on today’s panel and seeing the various perspectives of its member was quite eye-opening. Let me get right to the point: the panel I was on was filled with very successful people, regardless of gender, and I think that was the point Christopher Flett, author of “What Men Don't Tell Women About Business”, was missing. It has been my experience that confidence, courage and education are what will take you to the top…not gender.

Mr. Flett’s book does make some good points, but he goes about explaining them in the wrong way. Maybe to be controversial? Will it help him sell books that way? Possibly. But when he was confronted by us “Alpha Females”, he seemed to cave...not very “Alpha Male-like”.- My guess is that he’s a good guy that was trying to find a new take on how to succeed in order to sell books.

In my new book, “Confidence Is Queen: The Four Keys to Ultimate Beauty Through Positive Thinking”, I explain why believing in yourself is the biggest step you can take toward success. Like I always say, if you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect any one else to? It’s about knowing you’re capable and having the education to succeed. Those are the tools necessary to succeed.

“Confidence Is Queen” takes a positive spin on how to succeed. It’s all about working from the inside out, taking into account nutrition, education, self-esteem, outer-beauty tips and much, much more. To get a copy of my book, head over to ( and for more information about me, check out my official website (