Stephen King Story Comes To Life: How's Your Attention Span?

Stephen King's "N" video capture
Stephen King's "N" video capture

I remember when it used to be a bad thing to have a short attention span. Basically you had two choices; go into TV or go into radio.

But now we all know those with short attention spans are today’s economic and decision drivers of everything from fashion to politics (Rudy, Rudy who?).

Today in San Diego at Comic-Con THE convention for those with short attention spans, it’s going to be announced that a previously unpublished story by Stephen King has been brought to life and turned into an animated video series by Marvel Comics. It’s all part of a bold promotion plan by publisher Scribner--an imprint of CBS Corp.’sSimon & Schuster in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, Inc.

Beginning Monday the first of the 25 original videos will start rolling out on the web and on various mobile channels as a lead up to the November release of King’s newest short story collection, “Just After Sunset.” The videos will be released daily five times a week through the end of August.

For those with a really short attention span beginning on Monday you can buy all 25 of the two-minute episodes for $3.99 oniTunesor subscribers of various cell phone services and on the web can get the episodes for free; check out for details.

And for those with really, really short attention spans here’s your special series preview of “N.”Enjoy!

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