Stock Picks Now: Banks, Rails, Toys & More

It was a bumpy ride on Wall Street this week, so CNBC asked the experts where to find opportunities amid the market volatility.

Profit in Toyland

“We do think that toy stocks are relatively resilient; they’ve held up pretty well in previous economic downturns. I think they act pretty independently of the macro-economy, but more importantly they act independently of each other… Hasbro is hitting on just about all cylinders. And, perhaps, more importantly, they have one of the highest visibility products for next year. When Transformers II comes out, no doubt that’s going to be a good hit.”

- Sean McGowan, Needham & Company analyst

McGowan also likes Mattel , JAKKS Pacific and LeapFrog Enterprises

Riding Transports

"The railroads are the place to go, but the truckers aren’t as bad as one might think, given the slowing economy and high fuel prices… This is a good sector to be in… I would have gone with Union Pacific; it’s the big boy on the block. But, I’ll go with Burlington Northern Santa Fe ."

- Ken Tower, Cybertrader

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Betting on Regional Banking Stars

“Colonial BancGroup is based down in Florida, and they’re really right in the heat of what’s deteriorating right now... They’re really trying to address the problems quickly over the next few quarters. We think that’s a decent stock for someone that has patience and can wait out this credit crisis.”

- Kevin Fitzsimmons, Sandler O'Neill

Fitzsimmons also recommends Porter Bancorp________________________________