4-Star Pharma, Cable Stocks

Mary Jane Matts knows a few things about "up" stocks in a down market, and she's sharing a couple of suggestions with CNBC.

Her four-star Fifth Third Disciplined Large Cap Value Fund is up 13.67 percent year-to-date.


Her first pick is Forest Laboratories.

"It's a statistically cheap stock that's undervalued with a positive catalyst," she said. "The pipeline looks like we'll have some good catalysts later this year, with developments out of Phase III trials."

Matts looks for particularly good results from tests on Forest's COPD (lung disease) drug and its Alzheimer's drug, and the possibility that its anti-depressant Lexapro will be approved for adolescent use.

She also likes Viacom Class B.

"I think what's unique here is that you have no exposure here to the advertising markets that are in decline: newspapers, radio, broadcast TV," she said.

"The mix is shifting for advertisers over to cable TV, and they've got one of the youngest demographics with the cable stations that they have. It's BET, it's MTV, it's Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, those types of channels, and the film business is having a great year."

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