5 Stocks to Watch This Week

Jon Hilsenrath of The Wall Street Journal offered his weekly "Five for five": the five companies and their stocks that you must pay attention to this week. (Note: these are not buy/sell recommendations.)

The money and investing editor thinks these companies will make news this week, and he explains why.

Topping the list is Exxon Mobil, which reports earnings Thursday.

"Here's the question," he told CNBC. "If you're making $40 billion a year doing something that people don't like, would you keep on doing it? That's basically the decision they're making. The Rockefeller family is trying to push them to get into alternative energy...they're going to report numbers this week that show why they don't want to do it."

Alternative energy is involved with another potential newsmaker, General Motors, and its attempts to develop an electric car.

"Everybody's scrambling to get there right now," Hilsenrath said. "The problem for GM and a lot of the U.S. automakers is, they're too late to the game. Automakers are reporting sales this week; they're going to be dismal."

Also set to hit the headlines is Motorola.

"This is a case of the perils of being a shareholder activist," he explained. "Carl Icahn got into Motorola shares back in January 2007. He got what he wanted. They're trying to split the company up, and it's been a disaster. Motorola's reporting earnings this week; it's going to be more bad numbers."

Disney is on the marquee, too.

"Consumers have been pretty resilient; they're still showing up at Disney parks," he said. "Is that going to continue? They report numbers (Wednesday); we get a window into how consumers are holding up."

Rounding out Hilsenrath's list is Colgate Palmolive.

"It's another window into consumer staples," he said.


Hilsenrath's "Five for five" set of stocks to watch is not intended as buy or sell recommendations.