Best Trades Now: Retail, Financials, Pharma & More

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the market experts for their best trades now.

Up Stocks in a Down Market

[On Forest Laboratories] "It's a statistically-cheap stock that's undervalued with a positive catalyst...The pipeline looks like we'll have some good catalysts later this year, with developments out of Phase III trials."

- Mary Jane Matts, Fifth Third Disciplined Large Cap Value Fund

Matts also likes: Viacom Class B.

Stocks in Out-of-Favor Sectors

“We thought Target was a buy at $65. We certainly think it’s a buy at $45, where it is today…We like Berkshire Hathaway …As value guys we look at out-of-favor sectors, like financials, like retail, and try to find the babies that have been thrown out with the bathwater.”

- Whitney Tilson, T2 Partners

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Going Global: Coca-Cola HBC

“We like it [Coca-Cola HBC ], not just because it’s Greek, but it covers all of Eastern Europe… Central Europe. We find it a good backdoor way to invest in the growth in that area without having direct investments… The company’s stock is down... But, we think it’s a good value."

- James Moffett, Scout Investment Advisors