Mad Mail: Can HOG Make Money?

Jim:Harley-Davidson just revealed its 2009 bike line-up, which includes a pretty cool new Trike to target the aging boomer demographic! I think this is a pretty smart play for them. Do you think HOG should be a buy on this news? --Dave in Wisconsin

Cramer says: “…Now here’s the thing to recognize. You don’t need to necessarily buy a beautiful hog, which is one of the reasons people don’t want to bottom fish. But I have to tell you I think the company’s doing everything right. They stay the course, it will eventually be a buy.”


Jim: Brokerages such as Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, and Lehman Brothers have been beaten up since the housing mess started to unravel last July. Now that we are seeing a potential bottom in the market, is it time to buy the most beaten up stock of the bunch, E*TRADE? --Brad

Cramer says: “…They have a lot of home-equity loan. And I’m more concerned about home-equity loan than any other thing. I need to see some stabilization in home-equity loan before I want to pull the trigger there. Schwab had a great quarter, by the way. So did [TD] Ameritrade.”


Dear Jim: Booyaaah from AZ! Our over-priced advisor put us in American International Group at $73, then suggested we buy more at $48. Now it's down so much it may well be a good value. What do you think?? --Don

Cramer says: “I think AIG…goes lower. Below $20 I think it represents great value. They’re about to report. Let’s see what they say.”


Booyah from Virginia!: Jim Cramer, what do you think about investing in China, specifically the pork industry? I think AgFeed Industries is looking pretty good right now! They are really expanding and pork is big business in China. --David

Cramer says: “I’m not investing with the Chinese Communists…you like pork? HRL. Hormel .”

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