Stock Picks: China Rising

A surging economy, a huge trade suprlus, and the Olympics: 2008 looks like China's year.

But what of naysayers,who believe China's economy is overheated, point to this year's retreats on Chinese markets, and those who are looking past the big August games?

"Let's look at it from a trader's point of view," author and CNBC contributor Peter Navarro said. "The Chinese markets are in a technical downtrend; if you go long that market now, you're basically trying to pick a bottom, and you know how hard that is."


Nonetheless, Navarro has some strong recommendations for investors.

"What I like to do is look for good, solid story stocks," he explained. "China my best buy; there's a wave of cancer going on in China. China Medical...has a large share of the market in cancer diagnostics."

Navarro also likes Asia Info.

"There's a telecom restructuring reform...which is going to spur good growth in that market, regardless of the cycle," he explained. "Asia Info provides IT solutions to that market, as well as some infrastructure."

Also on his list is China Battery.

"It's basically lithium-iron rechargeable batteries," he said. "In South Korea, there was a big fire at one of the laptop battery plants, and there's a shortage, worldwide now, so that's like a short-term macro play."


Disclosure information for Peter Navarro was not immediately available.