Bear-Market Survival: Buy Big Names

Barry James is looking to some well-known large-cap names to see him through the bear market.

The president of James Advantage Funds has been a careful student of the last 10 bear markets, and he's noted three to five waves of selling in each bear market. So where are we now?

"I would look at this as the third one," he told CNBC. "From the high that we had in May until the lows that we had recently, we were down double-digits, and we've had a little bit of a bounce."

James has been doing some buying.

"That's about the only way you can survive in a bear counterpunch," he said.


James likes Disney, WalMart, AT&T, and Hewlett-Packard.

"They're all pretty cheap, relative to the market...they've had good earnings up to this point in time, and in this...bear market environment, some of the things we look for are stock buybacks...expectations to be not too high by the analysts, and we look for price appreciation...and all of those criteria," he explained.


Disclosure information for Barry James was not immediately available.