Apple and Yahoo: A Pick and a Pan

The difference between Apple and Yahoo is a lot more than just opposite ends of the alphabet.

Putnam's Kevin Divney sees a dramatic difference between the ways the technology company and the search engine are being run, and thus on the wisdom of owning the two stocks.


"We don't own Yahoo right now," he told CNBC. "I think there's too much uncertainty in the business; there are better competitors in technology...why take the risk of all the boardroom drama?"

Apple, on the other hand, gets high marks from Divney.

"I think it's a great long-term growth story," he said. "Obviously, they've had a (few) bumps with earnings season...they're going to come out with a new device...and the rumors are, it will have another impact factor. They keep on lining up new products in a nice sequential line."


Disclosure information for Kevin Divney was not immediately available.