CEO Summit: Housing, Gas Prices on Execs' Minds

Executives across various industries shared their economic outlooks on "Squawk Box" this morning. Here's what they had to say:

Aflac CEO on Insurance Outlook

“From a U.S. perspective, the economy has been weak. I think the average consumer, for the first time, you’ve had gasoline and on top of that you’ve had the commodities, specifically food, has hit (consumers), and we have seen it hurt us a little bit. What’s interesting in our business is the number of brand new accounts that we open is up almost 12 percent, and the amount of insurance we sell per person is up, but what has hurt us is the number of new people that we actually enroll.”

- Daniel Amos, Aflac Chairman & CEO

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Synovus CEO on the Housing Market

"The big question we all get is the migration: Will the weakness in the housing sector migrate over into the other parts of the commercial and industrial portfolio or the home-equity portfolio? We have seen just a limited amount of migration. Our home-equity portfolio quality is excellent. Some of our peers have struggled in Florida with their home-equity product, but our quality measures are holding up very well, so we feel like the containment is still there, that the weakness we're experiencing is primarily with our builders and developers, really contained geographically to the Atlanta market, where there's a lot of inventory, and parts of coastal Florida."

- Richard Anthony, Synovus Chairman & CEO

SAP Exec on Global Growth

“CEOs are very discerning about what’s on their short-list of strategic priorities. Right now SAP is the platform they’re choosing, number one, to get more efficient, number two, to get more compliant and number three, to grow on a global basis. You have to have an integrated business globally if you’re going to expand, and SAP is by far that platform of choice.”

- Bill McDermott, SAP CEO of Global Field Operations