Best Trades Now: Steel, Tech, REITs & More

To give investors an edge, CNBC asked the experts for their best trades now.

Playing Strong Brands

“Warnaco is over 50 percent of their sales are international. You have the Calvin Klein brand which is an extremely strong brand internationally and also it is considered a prestige brand internationally. So you have higher margin international. And that’s where the growth is coming from these guys. It’s very tough to play the weak dollar in retail, but this is one of the best plays for the weak dollar.”

Eric Beder, Brean Murray & Co.

Beder also likes: True Religion and Coach

Opportunities in Healthcare REITs

“Our favorite in the group is HCN, Health Care REIT . They are diversified into all of the different healthcare property sectors…senior housing, medical office buildings, health facilities. (They have a) veteran management team, consistent grower over time and offer one of the more attractive yields and better valuations in the group.”

Jerry Doctrow, Stifel Nicolaus Real Estate Analyst

Doctrow also likes: Omega Healthcare and HealthCare Realty


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Betting on U.S. Steel

“Steel Prices have been rising; they’re going to continue to rise into the third quarter, possibly into the fourth quarter. U.S. Steel is uniquely positioned to benefit from that, because they have their own iron ore in the U.S…this is our top pick, and it’s very clear to us that U.S. Steel is particularly well-positioned within the U.S. steel names."

Timna Tanners, UBS Analyst

The Case for Apple

[On Apple ] "I think it's a great long-term growth story...Obviously, they've had a (few) bumps with earnings season...they're going to come out with a new device...and the rumors are, it will have another impact factor. They keep on lining up new products in a nice sequential line."

Kevin Divney, Putnam Vista Fund & New Opportunites Fund