Mad Mail: Is AT&T a Buy?

Cramer: What's your current take on AT&T. It’s down over significantly from its high, pays a 5% dividend, reported 35% revenue growth and has exclusive rights for the new iPhone? My concern is that it continues to trend downward even after releasing decent earnings. Good stock, just wrong time to play? --Bill

Cramer says: “I think AT&T is cheap. And I like the dividend. And I would be a buyer. I think Verizon may be even cheaper…I want to buy both Verizon and AT&T. And the analysts are being ridiculously negative. They will be proven wrong. The stocks will be substantially higher by year-end. That’s my view.”


Jim: On my Toyota Camry, I get 26 miles per gallon on the gasoline/ethanol mixture and 29mpg on ethanol-free gasoline. This is not saving me money or saving gas. Why is this not publicized and why don't we forget the whole idea? --Sue

Cramer says: “It’s not publicized because the lobby is very powerful…Let me repeat about ethanol. It is a fuel that no one wants, that doesn’t help your cars, that is not good for your engines…that doesn’t give you good gas mileage, that happens to be able to elect a bunch of politicos. It is all about politics. It is not about the environment…it’s just about winning votes. It should be scrapped. And food prices will fall 50% if we get rid of the ethanol mandate.”

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