Investing in China: E-Commerce, Health Care & More

Leading up to the Beijing Olympics, CNBC asked the experts how to capitalize on China’s economic growth.

Net Profiting

“Things like the Internet games, travel, retail. Just this weekend the Chinese government announced that they’ve taken over the U.S. as the number one spot in terms of Internet users worldwide. Companies I really like are Baidu , Tencent. And a lot of the Internet population is very young, and you see that with a lot of the game companies. Companies like Perfect World and Sohu[]Netease [] as well—those are interesting companies to take a look at.

Matt Comyns, JL McGregor & Co. president

Playing China's Health

“China Medical , I think is my best buy… There’s a wave of cancer going on in China. China Medical actually has a large share of the market of cancer diagnosistics. It’s a very strong technical buy.”

Peter Navarro, “The Coming China Wars” author

Navarro also likes: AsiaInfo Holdings and China Bak Battery