Why China's Love Of Buicks Is Good News For Americans

With GM on the verge of soon exporting Buick Enclaves to China, I'm reminded of the people who e-mail me on a regular basis about "China sucking the life out of the American automakers." That's a paraphrase, but you get the point. As GM and Ford have expanded in China, they are continually slammed by people who see China as the evil unknown that will take Big 3 jobs.

The pending exportation of Buick Enclaves built in America to be sold in China should convince people of the promise China holds. GM has gone further than any other automaker (and yes, that includes Toyota,Honda, and Ford) to grow and leverage its business in the communist country. It's not a one way relationship. Sure GM has invested billions in building its China business. but it's also made huge profits in that country.

I've seen GM's strength in China first hand. When it was just starting to pick up steam in China back in 2003 and more recently when I spent time with GM CEO Rick Wagoner in Beijing. Wagoner, along with former CEO Jack Smith, gambled in the '90's China would pay off. And it has. But Wagoner knows GM can't slow down, even though it's number one in China.

Saving GM
Next Wednesday at 9 PM on August 6th, we'll show you what we saw when we went inside GM's China operations. Our one hour CNBC Original is called "Saving GM." And the title could not be more appropriate when you look at GM in China and other foreign markets.

CNBC Original Productions: Saving General Motors
CNBC Original Productions: Saving General Motors

GM's financial woes, dues largely to it's problems in North America, would be far worse if the automaker was not growing so quickly in Asia, Eastern Europe, and the developing markets. And yes, even Buick is part of that success.

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