WYE ELN PR (Press Release): OMG


Those are just some of the abbreviations and acronyms you'll see in the Wyeth-Elan press release on the mid-stage test results for their Alzheimer's drug.

When covering this beat you often have to become as fluent as possible in different disease jargon. But nothing could have prepared me for the alphabet soup served up in this highly anticipated release.

There was no glossary. No parenthetical explainers for any of 'em. All I can say is that it's a good thing that finding an Alzheimer's expert to interpret the stuff here at ICAD (International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease) is like shooting fish in a barrel.

CDR-SOB, by the way, stands for Clinical Dementia Rating Sum of Boxes.

But the more colloquial meaning of the latter half of the abbreviation probably best describes my reaction to the nearly indecipherable lingo in this all-important corporate communication.

P.S. A shout out to Graham Elliot, the chef/owner of the Chicago restaurant bearing his name. In a torrential downpour last night he went outside with a tiny umbrella to hail my producer and me a cab. A few minutes later a taxi pulled up, Elliot returned, his chef whites drenched. That's what I call service.

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