How to Play a Bottom -- or a Bear (Pt. 1)

RNC Genter Capital Management's Dan Genter thinks the market has found a bottom. Dave Rovelli of Canaccord Adams isn't so sure. Both men have some ideas for investors about where to go from here.

"I think we have a floor below us that's somewhere around 5 or 6 percent below where we are right now," Genter told CNBC. "You have to buy into this market; you have to get a ticket on this ride, or you will eventually be left behind sometime in `09, but I think you have to be very selective in the sectors and the stocks you go into."

(See Part 2 for Rovelli's outlook and picks.)


Genter focuses on oil-drilling and natural gas in the energy sector, and he has some selected techs.

"You look at Schlumberger, you look at Diamond Offshore, Devon, Chesapeake," he said of his energy choices.

(See Part 2 for Genter's tech picks.)

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Disclosure information for Dan Genter and Dave Rovelli was not immediately available.