Your Job Success Inventory

By Kimberly BishopVice Chairman, Slayton Search Partners
In today’s show we talked about how to reinvent yourself for a new job. It’s not as daunting


as it sounds. As you heard on the show, one of the most critical things in a career change is bridging the gap from your current job to the career of your dreams. The first thing I recommend is to do an inventory of the things you’ve done and done well. Here’s how:

1. Go through every job you ever had.

2. List your responsibilities and your accomplishments

3. Under accomplishments, list tangible results. When you get results, chances are you’re good at the task.

4. Look for themes: saved the company money; brought in new customers; developed a process that saved time.

5. And sum it all up by determining these are things you really like doing

6. From there you can begin to research specific jobs and industries to determine where opportunities might be right for you.

When you go to an interview be prepared with stories or career experiences that illustrate your skill themes. Focus on your achievements in each job or scenario, not on the job title or description. Rehearse your pitch. Keep it concise, upbeat and to the point. Never go to the interview unsure about what it is you want to do with your career. If you aren’t sure, you are not ready for that interview.

Give yourself plenty of time…a career change doesn’t happen overnight – it usually takes at least 6 to 9 months. And, don’t be discouraged. If you feel overwhelmed, project manage your career change by breaking it down into doable steps.

If you are a senior executive and interact with an executive recruiter keep these tips in mind. Just bear in mind that recruiters work for companies, not individuals. Remember, recruiters specialize in certain industries. So target the ones who work in your field.

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