Nance Rosen - The Latitude of Your Attitude

By Nance Rosen

ATTITUDE – What is the latitude of your attitude?

Be powerful and positive when you communicate, because that’s how you want people to FEEL about you. Eighty percent of why you’re going to get hired is about your likeability – and in


business you want to be liked for having an upbeat outlook and a strong conviction that you can make a big contribution to the hiring manager’s company or department. Go in there and wow ‘em with a big smile, a strong handshake and an authentic thank you at the end of your time together. Don’t go on about your last surgery, your last miserable boss, or your last dollar. Remember: you want people to feel good about you, especially if you are cold calling – which you should be everyday!!! Don’t know how? Not a problem. I have a solution for you.

On tonight’s show Donny asked me for a recommendation for sales training – and I want to follow up on that, since sales is the highest paid profession in the world – when you do it right. Plus, if you are looking for any job, believe me: you are SELLING yourself.

My mentors on selling are Anthony Parinello, famous for Selling to VITO (the Very Important Top Officer) learning programs and David Mattson, CEO of Sandler Sales Institute. They’ve just scribed a new book: Five Minutes with VITO – amazing. They show you exactly how you get to the Very Important Top Officer, the most important person in any organization. And, they tell you exactly what to do in the most precious five-minute conversation you can have, with VITO.

Okay, here’s the program. Steps One: Adjust your attitude upward. Step Two: Fine-tune your sales skills – so you can sell the number one most important brand in the world: YOU. Step Three: Enjoy, don’t just endure, the chase. Need some tips to on that? Find a buddy that’s looking for work, too. Schedule a daily call. Be each other’s reality check and cheerleaders. Set goals so you are held accountable.

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I know this: a rich life is comprised of two things, great love and meaningful work. You have a right to both. But, you have to work for them. I wish it weren’t true. I wish your soul mate wore a badge with your name on it and knocked on your door. And your ideal job picked up the phone and called you with your start date.

But, if that hasn’t happened you are merely mortal. And, if no one else has said it today: I care about you.

- Nance