Mad Mail: RIMM Over Apple?

Jim: I respectfully disagree with your call that Research in Motion's BlackBerry Bold will kill the Apple iPhone. The BlackBerry has been popular for business users, but now that the iPhone has corporate exchange server capability, people are trashing their BlackBerries. I think the BlackBerry is a great phone, but the market is banking on Research In Motion selling as many as the previous version. I believe there are currently too many downsides to RIMM. --Daniel at the University of Alabama

Cramer says: “I did not say that it was going to kill the iPhone. I said the market’s big enough for both of them.”


Dear Jim: Integrity, passion, and chutzpah - that's what you've got, Skeedaddy. The one-year mark since your first historic rant! Man, I remember watching it for the first time - I got chills. You were like the "financial Rocky" for us out here (the good one, the first one, not Rocky IV). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing daily as a voice for honest, hard-working people. --Lisa

Cramer says: “I was intemperate, but I was concerned myself. I am so much less concerned one year later. Now you know what? Everybody’s concerned. What does that tell you about everybody’s position?”

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