Pimco ETF May Be Here Soon

In Thursday's edition of CNBC 101 -- a regular mini-lesson on developments in the markets -- Bob Pisani spoke of a reported new ETF from bond-fund giant Pimco.

"I've been waiting a long time" for an ETF [exchange-traded fund] from Pimco, said Pisani, who writes the Trader Talk blog on this site.

Reportedly, Pimco is creating an ETF to track the Lehman Aggregate Bond Index.

"This is an important thing that's going on," declared Pisani. He conceded that "It's a little late to do this" -- after all, such a new issuing will compete with two already-established ETFs, the iShares Lehman Aggregate and the Vanguard Total Bond fund .

But he noted that Pimco is also a "huge mutual fund company," with more than $200 billion in mutual assets. And such a new ETF will keep more of its fund investing "in-house."

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