Harry Carson - Life After Football

By Harry Carson

I enjoyed having an opportunity to be a participant on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. I was in the midst of a month long break of rest and relaxation but opted to participate. The


show's tempo is fast paced and it's host Donny Deutsch asked terrific questions. Those are probably two of the primary reasons for the show's success.

As a Sports Consultant, 90% of what I do is focused on the athletic community on some level. Some of the areas of discussion especially those of people who are dealing with the fear of moving forward with the concepts/desires or dealing with unsupportive family members are somewhat foreign to my own senses. As a very independent athlete, risk taker and individual who thinks somewhat outside the box, most of my experiences to motivate are with fellow athletes regardless of age by speaking the language most athletes understand.

While I've been the Chairman and President of my company Harry Carson Inc. and while it has been in existence for 22 years, I have had the opportunity to devote much of my time to various other issues. I have the pleasure to serve as Executive Director of the Fritz Pollard Alliance. In that role I represent all minority Head Coaches, General Managers, Scouts, Front Office Personnel as well as Game Day Official. The Alliance works closely with the National Football League's Diversity Committee to bring about a greater sense of diversity with the League.

0A I also have the honor to work as an advocate on behalf of retired NFL players. My goal is to help those who have played the game to gain better benefits and pensions. One of my other interest is in helping former players secure testing for the lingering effects of concussion by helping them get Neurological examination.

I echo what some of the other athletes voiced and that is there are many very valuable lessons to be learned playing sports but in particular football. I think that if those lessons learned are applied appropriately they can aid those who participated in their respective sports to be successful in business and it life.

- Harry Carson