Reader Mail: Keep News Video Up, More Swimwear!

Well, it is nice to know one's instincts are right from time to time. And when it comes to news video and my resistance to remove it once it is published to the site, readers seem to agree it is the right instinct.

They said what they said. They look the way they look. Unless you're digitally enhancing the video, what we see is the truth. Unless there are factual misstatements, keep it there. -- Donald

Pulling news videos over bad looks – colleagues really try this?? I agree; be strong and Just Say NO. Shouldn’t they focus on facts ... insights instead of on-air beauty? -- Jeff

You should NEVER pull anything, just add a correction. That way we consumers understand better the situation, and there is no confusion or revisionism. -- Dave

That's a little hard to do with video, but we're working on creative ways to do just that.

By the way, I'm still getting bikini mail ... more pro than con this time ...

Hey, with the economy as bad as it is, we need something to take our minds off of it! -- Tom

Please show us some shots of hot young men in swimwear!!! -- Liz

Jeez Liz, pay attention. I told folks like you to go here.

Not many comments about trade or the meaning of numbers. That usually means people generally agree with you or generally don't care. Of course there are some ...

Numbers are just numbers regardless of meaning. The truth is ALWAYS in behaviors. The numbers may suggest an area of concern or elation but are still none the less just numbers. The appropriate emotion will be driven by the behavior yielding the number. I hope this helps educate your young ass. -- Jon

At least he called me "young."

Note: I'm on vacation next week. You can still write in though. Maybe Tyler will get busy?