U.S. Food Stocks: Nourish Your Portfolio

Christopher Growe of Stifel Nicolaus thinks three big American food companies could be especially nutritious to an investor's portfolio.

"They have some of the best pricing power you're going to find in the food industry," he told CNBC. "On top of that, you have these three companies investing very heavily back into marketing at a time when they're trying to generate even better volume growth."


His three picks are General Mills, Kellogg, and HJ Heinz.

Where the three companies vary is in their international exposure.

"Heinz would be at the top," he said. "Heinz has about 55 percent of its sales internationally; General Mills would be at the lowest end, Kellogg kind of in the middle there, but all three are seeing significant growth internationally."


Neither Growe, his family, nor his firm owns shares in, or has any business relationship with, General Mills, Kellogg, or HJ Heinz.